You Took The Part That Once Was My Heart

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YoutookYou took the Part that once was my Heart, 2012

You took the Part that once was my Heart is the result of a prolonged period of research into trees related to the life of Dr David Livingstone. When Livingstone died, his internal organs were buried under a tree in Zambia, which became a geopolitical objective for a generation of colonial administrations. Once the tree was felled, it was turned into small items that were sold for a commercial gain. Other trees, such as the one under which Livingstone met Stanley or the one he marked with Livingstone’s initials on discovering the Victoria Falls, met with a similar fate. The publication was designed by Bart Manders and kindly supported by the Royal Geographical Society, the Hunterian, the David Livingstone Centre and the Mutual. It was launched during the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art the Hunterian, Glasgow University.

ISBN 978-90-9026654-1